LuXplosion 2010: Flightglobal Blog Nominated For Haute Wings Category

The world of aviation is not only limited to business and commercial airliners, there are so many other facets that shape up this vertical to be one of the fastest growing entities in today’s global economy. Be it defense, space or simply for personal leisure, the aviation industry has witnessed an enormous growth in the past century. In an effort to keep the masses apprised with the most current news and the future of aviation, Flightglobal blog, has been working around the clock, bringing the top headlines and information from the realm of aviation. FlightBlogger, which is also hailed as the world’s leading provider of online aerospace news and is run by Flightglobal, has now been nominated for the Haute Wing category at the LuXplosion 2010.

Established in the year 1909, Flightglobal for more than a century has been at the pinnacle of aerospace news and with the advent of the Internet, this highly respected journal expanded itself with Flightblogger and became a leading online news and information provider for the aviation industry. FlightBlogger for its unique insights into aviation has been bestowed upon with a respectable 6th position in Google PageRank, while Alexa has determined this extremely well managed blog to have a global rank of 16,571, while claiming 18,251 rank in the U.S.  FlightBlogger has estimated 240,000 monthly unique visitors and the blog itself has recorded 3.8 million view a month, thereby affirming its importance and relevance in relation to the aviation industry.

Apart from FlightBlogger, Flightglobal also runs an assortment of other titles such as Flight International, Airline Business, AirCraft Analytical System (ACAS), Military airCraft Analytical System (MiliCAS) etc.

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