LuXplosion 2010: Fashionably Marketing Nominated For The Luxury Marketing Category

Just like any other market vertical, the luxury industry, which itself a billion dollar an year market, apart from creating infrastructure, also needs to focus heavily on the marketing aspect. Marketing, especially in the luxury vertical is one of the most vital elements for the success and for the continued growth of this industry vertical, as with the current spending trend of the modern consumer, it is now more than vital for luxury product manufacturers as well as retailers to advertise their services and offers. With the ever evolving technologies of the 21st century, the Internet has played a key role in the emergence of the luxury sector, along with the integration of social media. One of the foremost names in luxury marketing reporting, Fashionably Marketing has created a glorious reputation for itself, with its immaculate reporting on some of the latest and most tech intensive luxury marketing techniques currently being employed by luxury brands and retailers.

Founded in the year 2008, Fashionably Marketing provides incredible insight into the social media side of luxury marketing including mobile marketing, location-based marketing, PR and digital technology. With its incredible popularity and a unique perspective on the luxury industry, Fashionably Marketing has now been nominated for the Luxury Marketing category at the LuXplosion 2010. This incredible luxury marketing blog is run by its editor in chief, Macala Wright Lee, who brings with her ten years’ worth of invaluable experience as a consumer marketing consultant for fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands. With her incredible insight into the luxury marketing concept, Ms. Lee is considered to be one of the foremost authorities on the topic and her view have been displayed in a variety of high profile online and offline magazines such as, Women’s Wear Daily, Sportswear International, Gawker, Defamer, NRF Smart Brief, The San Francisco Chronicle, Mashable, California Apparel News, Fox Business, etc.

Fashionable Marketing enjoys a 5th position in Google PageRank, while this highly informative luxury marketing online resource has been placed at 111,880 position by Alexa in its quarterly global traffic rankings. Fashionably Marketing has a dedicated readership of some 5,800 monthly active users with 130,000 page views.

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