LuXplosion 2010: Fashion Tribes Nominated For The Vida la Moda Blogs Category is based on very sound concept. A city is inhabited by all sorts of people who have absolutely different tastes and interests. You can’t possibly have a single product that would appeal to all of them. Lesley Scott, the Editor in Chief and founder of realized this fact while her extended stint as the NYC-based Senior Editor for the trendspotting firm Coolhunt. While penning regular fashion, beauty and style pieces for various international publications and snapping photos of stylish people in the streets of New York & interviewing them about their personal style she realized that people can be classified in five broad categories.

Lesley dubbed the categories as the fashion “tribes”: Afro Love (boho hippie types); Downtown Doll (Williamsburg Hipsters); Fancy Flirt (skinny L.A. party girl types);Global Chic (socialite jetsetters); Rock Punk (music loving Kelly Osbourne’ites). The print media catered to only one tribe, so to say, and lost the interest of the others. Lesley was convinced about the relevance of her concept and she started five separate online e-zines, each tailored to a different tribe, from fashion, to beauty, theatre, dining, pets, horoscopes (!) and general lifestyle fabulousness. And for the innovative concept Fashion Tribes has been nominated for the Vida la Moda category at the LuXplosion 2010.

It was an expensive project which was difficult to sustain without a robust revenue model. So Lesley started the Fashiontribes blog. She consistently posted well-written, high quality content that reflected her taste, experience & voice. The blogosphere has developed into a unique form of publishing. Blogs have transformed into a distinctformat built around a frequent publishing schedule with reader comments and trackbacks. There is a large reader base that knows Lesley’s voice and trusts it. Follow Fashion Tribes on Facebook and Twitter.

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