LuXplosion 2010: Everything Everywhere Blog Nominated For The Bon Voyages Category

It’s always fun and a refreshing change to watch a complex and vast topic such as that of luxury travel being commented upon and information being relayed in a more informal manner. Though there are numerous travel blogs on the Internet, that are in the business of providing factual information in regards to travel destination, hotels etc. to their readers, yet at time, it becomes quite cumbersome with all the industrial jargons filling up these articles. However, now an invigorating travel blog is presenting these facts and other vital information in a more personalized manner in the form of Everything Everywhere. Founded and hosted by Gary Arndt, Everything and Everywhere is self-hosted blog by the blogger, who has penned down his own experiences during the remarkable journeys embarked upon by this fearless globetrotter. For this travel blog’s extremely well formatted structure and an in depth explanation provided in the articles, Everything Everywhere has now been nominated for the Bon Voyages category at the LuXplosion 2010.

Gary Arndt created Everything Everwhere in the year 2007, when this avid traveler began blogging about his journeys, sharing his thoughts and experiences with millions of users via the global platform called, Internet. In the year 1999, Gary accomplished a personal milestone, when this incredible travel blogger circumnavigated the globe covering numerous countries and cities including Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Paris, Brussels, Frankfurt and London. Everything Everywhere has recorded an impressive 20,891 readers as per FeedBurner and enjoys a respectable 6th place via Google PageRank. Alexa has also chimed in, placing this extremely interesting travel blog at 35,748 in its global traffic rankings, while this travel blog has about 260,000 page views.

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