LuXplosion 2010: Elizabeth Schofield Nominated for The Marketers of Sin Category

It is interesting to see how the internet is quickly becoming one of the most crucial platforms for marketing. Luxury brands are also realizing that if they want to promote their brands they cannot ignore the web. It is here where Elizabeth Schofield, founder and digital strategist of Fashion’s Collective comes into picture. The company consists of a group of very accomplished curators who offer the insight and guidance to luxury brands to help them evolve and innovate in the online market, without compromising their unique brand heritage. These guys also publish very interesting stories behind the brands on their website.

Schofield says that it is very difficult to bring an equilibrium between internet, which is a very public space, accessed by everyone, and luxury brands who thrive on exclusivity. Though luxury brands have as yet not enmeshed themselves in the ‘web’ that will be most purposeful to their audience, the journey still continues. Schofield as a digital strategist tries to help these brands to achieve that degree of involvement and presence online, enlightening about the marketing opportunities that await on the internet. She also tells these brands how to utilize these ideas in the optimum manner by efficiently using social media and the online platform. With the internet seeping more and more deeply into our lives, the future of marketing lies in the hands of people like Elizabeth.

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