LuXplosion 2010: Dr. Vino Nominated For The Sumptuous Wine Category

As in most topics, in case of wines also, the more expert the opinion the better it is for others to make an informed decision in regards to wines, and if these opinions, recommendations and if these  reviews come from someone who has achieved an doctorate degree in the field of wines, then that advise carry a much larger weight than any other. So is in the case of Dr. Vino, a proven and highly revered authority on the subject of wines. This highly informative wine blog not only features some of the most exquisite wines and vineyards in the world, but also focus on the very economy of the wine industry. For its highest order to professionalism and a thorough approach to wines, Dr. Vino has now been nominated for the Sumptuous Wine category at the LuXplosion 2010.

The founder and editor of this marvelous wine blog, Dr. Vino, is now considered to one of the foremost authorities in wine industry is already an accomplished author in this field, with two of books aggregating a grand success in the year 2008. Dr. Vino, who completed his Ph.D and gave a dissertation on the political economy of the wine industry in France and the United States focuses entirely on the wine industry and its impact on the users, while providing critical recommendations along with reader inputs. With his vast experience in this field and remarkable credentials, Dr. Vino has garnered a lot of media attention, with his wine writings being published in some of the most popular journals and magazines such as Food & Wine, Wine & Spirits, the New York Times,, The Guardian etc. The coveted Google PageRank  has placed Dr. Vino on 5th rank, while Alexa has provided a global traffic ranking of 181,039, with this wine blog being most popular in the Netherlands and U.K. Dr. Vino records about 11,000 monthly unique visitors as well as 110,000 page views for the site.

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