LuXplosion 2010: AutoBlog Nominated For The Haute Wheels Category

The world of automobiles and the entire automobile industry itself has evolved at astronomical levels and when compared to what cars and bikes were about a hundred years ago, the gravity of their evolution is most realized. Before the advent and the popularization of the Internet, news and developments in the automotive world were confined to conventional mediums of information, that made it quite arduous task for the auto companies to reach out to the millions of customers However, as Internet evolved and took the altar of communication as well as information distribution, the auto industry also realized its potential for to send out as many updates to the world as possible. At the helm of this technical and highly organized information distribution system is AutoBlog, an automobile blog that has been immensely revered for its extremely professional and accurate articles, podcasts, news, vehicle previews, vehicle reviews and commentary about automobiles and the automotive industry. For its highly professional and polished reporting approach to the auto industry, AutoBlog has now been nominated for the Haute Wheels category at the LuXplosion 2010.

AutoBlog is the creation of Weblogs Inc. a subsidiary of one of the oldest web entities,  AOL Inc. Auto Blog was founded in the year 2003 and has also greatly focused on the aspect on eco-friendly transportation, with its sister blog, Autoblog Green, where in this impeccable website presents to the world all the news and updates about alternative-fueled and green cars. Currently, AutoBlog is being run under the able supervision of the site’s editor-in-chief, John Neff, who joined the blog in the year 2004. AutoBlog enjoys a prestigious 8th position in Google PageRank and this automotive blog is placed at a respectable 1,561 place by Alexa via its global traffic rankings. AutoBlog records an incredible 1.5 million monthly unique visitor, along with 45 million page views, while being the most cherished auto blog in the U.S and Luxembourg.

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