LuXplosion 2010: Antique Trader Blog Nominated For The Effete Antiques Category

For as long as mankind has been civilized, from the times of Romans to the current 21st century, antiques have forever been considered to some of the most luxurious possessions a man can have, while alleviating his status to a that of more class and panache. However, finding the right kind of antique isn’t as easy as it sounds. With numerous frauds and forgeries existing in the current antique market, an uninformed collector can easily be duped with a duplicate. Also, it is quite paramount to be aware of the credentials of the traders you deal with. Here comes in the Antique Trader Blog, an antique blog, that has been designed to provide the users with all the necessary information about the antique market and creates common platform for traders and consumers alike to interact and conduct their transactions.

Antique Trader Blog is part of the highly coveted Antique Trader, an American weekly magazine, that covers every aspect of the antique market. The Antique Trader Blog covers wide variety of antique related topics while providing the users with reference materials so as to help them in their collection. This incredible antique blog is highly revered by hundreds and thousands of users for its incredible reporting of the antique market. Hence, Antique Trader Blog has now been nominated for the Effete Antiques category at the LuXplosion 2010. The Antique Trader Blog enjoys a 4th position by Google PageRank, while the overall Antique Trader portal has been given 224,145 position by Alexa in its quarterly global traffic rankings. With about 17,000 monthly unique visitors and 120,000 page views, Antique Trader is by the far one of the foremost sources of relevant and useful information in regards to the antique market.

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