LuXplosion 2010: Anthony Travel Tart Nominated for The Luxe Travel Writers Category

Anthony’s friends have always called him a Travel Tart, which means a Travel addict. We believe and he himself agrees with this addiction of his. But this is an addiction he tries very hard to feed, and we don’t want him to go to a rehab either, as his blogs are so very interesting. He is especially great at giving funny Travel tips, especially the unusual or offbeat ones, which set him apart from the other travel writers. Looking at his website you will realize what a fun loving person he is.

Saying that he has a passion for travelling would be the understatement of the century. Whatever he does, including travel writing is to pay for his trips to god knows which place. His blogs do not read as a simple travelogue, they are more like adventures. I personally always like to read things, whatever genre they might be, with a bit of humour in it and his writings contain ample of it, hence I really like his work. And besides, he likes the Monty Python series, so I like him even more. So if you want to go on reading his blogs, then vote for him, as it might help him feed his travel addiction and let you read all the witty stories about it. He can be followed on both Twitter and Facebook.

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