LuXplosion 2010: Annie Danger Scott Nominated for The Luxe in Words Category

Annie Scott has displayed a meteoric rise to the highest echelon of luxury, style and travel writing. This rise however, isn’t surprising at all considering how absolutely fantabulous her writings are. And is not just her flair for writing that is so impressive; it is also her expertise on a wide range of fields. Be it travel, or fashion, or anything related to the world of luxury, you can be sure that she will know about it. That is probably why she has emerged as one of the most sought after writers on the net.

Currently serving as the editor-in-chief of Pure. Happy. Travel, she is also a daily contributor to some of the best blogs that you come across online. These include Gadling, AOL’s luxury blog, Luxist, and Tonic, a positive news network, AOL Travel, StyleList, etc etc. She also appeared on WCCO TV and NBC New York’s Backyard Travel offering her expertise on shopping around the globe. Annie also works as a social media consultant and is the Editor of the Facebook page for AOL’s Gadling plus four others.

In addition to all this, her for-fun projects include Blasé Mannequins, @DoWhatITellYou and The Annie Scott Experience. She has received the Short Award for her brilliant work. Looking at her vast body of work, one begins to think that maybe she is a super evolved alien (a very good looking one) sent on our planet to enlighten us about luxury and lifestyle. If you are one of her many fans, then you can follow her on Twitter.

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