LuXplosion 2010: Alexander McQueen Nominated for British Luxury Leaders

Britain is the land of vintage fashion, and traditional style. With the dukes and barons of a bygone era still influencing the way the British think and feel, its fashion is rooted in the country’s culture and lifestyle. Alexander McQueen is not only the most recognizable fashion designer from the U.K., but also a great luxury leader who has designed for several celebrities.

His foray into fashion was one of the greatest events to happen in the field of luxury. Though not an event per se, his contributions towards the luxury industry of Britain has been conspicuous and astonishingly important.

Alexander McQueen was born in 1969 and tragically committed suicide in 2010. however, the reason why he still continues to be a luxury leader is because for the rest of the 2010, the luxury industry of the U.K. was dominated by his legacy, and what he taught the industry insiders.

He may well be gone, but his contributions to the luxury industry and fashion industry in particular have been extremely important and profound. This is perhaps why we chose them in our list of Luxury Leaders. Click here to vote for this nominee.

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