London 2012 Olympic Golden Torch Finally Unveiled!

Most of the times speculations are so rife and great that whatever that is unveiled doesn’t live up to the expectations. Well, here we are talking about the much hyped golden torch of London 2012 Olympics.  Finally, the London 2012 Olympic golden torch has been unveiled and it has not lived up to the hype and expectations. The golden Olympic torch was to be green without any carbon footprint with an exclusive design but designers couldn’t keep the ‘green’ promise.  The golden torch is definitely sleeker and taller and is more symbolic.

The London 2012 Olympic torch is triangular in shape symbolizing three times the city of London has hosted the games. The golden torch also has some 8,000 holes on its entire tall sleek golden body, apparently symbolizing 8,000 torch bearers who will carry this golden light to the Olympics stadium.  The torch design has been compared to golden cheese-grater and other less glorious stuff but still one can be sure it will become most loved and coveted torch in themonths to come. We just have to wait for the torch relay to begin when chosen 8,000 bearers will carry this symbolic torch across Britain. Olympic torch has great history and it is a flame which keeps human spirit and love for sports alive. We all know how consistently Olympic has survived through all ages and even now it is the most loved and watched sports event.

The golden torch, designed by London based designers Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby was unveiled with apologies for failure to create a greener design. A mixture of propane and butane gases will keep the flame burning after the torch relay begins in next May. By the time torch arrives in Olympic stadium on 27th July for the opening ceremony people around the world will forget all the design flaws and criticisms and many years later it will fetch whooping amount in auctions. Such is the legacy of Olympics and nothing can really bring ill-repute to this larger than everything event.

Via Independent/UK Yahoo.Com

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