Lithuanian Mall’s Sweet Valentine’s Day Gift To Shoppers: A Chocolate Room

Retailers these days go to great lengths to create buzz and keep their customers interested. A shopping mall in Lithuania has gone out on a limb and given its patrons a gift that is completely out of the box – a full-fledged chocolate room.

Now, do not mistake this to be a chocolate coloured room, one that is done up in all possible shades of chocolate brown. No, this is a room that has been built out of pure, completely edible chocolate. It was a gift from the Akropolis shopping mall in Lithuania to its customers on Valentine’s Day.

A 183-square-foot space was completely transformed by a team of seven artists who turned it into a chocolate extravaganza. From the floor to the ceiling, everything in the room is crafted out of chocolate. That includes the tables and chairs, the cutlery, the paintings on the wall, the roses in the vase, and even the cat sleeping peacefully on the chair.

Apparently, the artists used as much as 300 kg of chocolate to create this wondrous room. Moreover, not only is it a room made out of chocolate, the artists have successfully attempted to recreate a traditional Lithuanian sitting room. The result is a masterpiece. If the Akropolis mall was aiming to create a showstopper, it does not get better than this.

One of the artists who worked on the room added that people who see the chocolate room will agree that it is the perfect setting for a Valentine’s Day dinner. But what would they be eating? Only chocolate? I doubt that anybody would mind such a menu. However, the room will be on display until 8 March, International Women’s Day, after which the feasting could begin.


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