Limited edition Barbie doll: Christian Louboutin launches Dolly Forever Barbie

The symbol of style, fashion and the dreams of every little girl across the planet for the past few decades has once again come out in a brand new style, with new flair attached and a limited addition set that will once again have its many fans running to stores to get one before they are all sold out. There can never be another Barbie and the famous icon of female fashion has just been revamped by designer Christian Louboutin and his latest Barbie seems to be inspired by spring summer ’10’s military trends.

Looking more like a marine biologist out on the Galapagos island while on a mission to unravel some new mystery, the all new khaki look is all set to be an instant hit once again. Dressed up this time in a khaki tunic dress, the lucky girl even has her own miniature version of Mr Louboutin’s much coveted knee-high fringed boots, plus three additional miniature pairs of signature red-soled shoes.

While how many of these special pieces will hit the shelf is still not exactly clear, but they will be available from 3 March at Net-A-Porter… Christian Louboutin has once again managed to work magic with Barbie!

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