Let Go Of Your Stress With All New Mead Novelty 2010 Floating Bed

After a hard days work at the office and completing the day’s chores, all you wish for is a relaxing sound sleep, that would loosen all your stress and extremely tried nerves. Now, L’HYDROMEL nouveauté 2010 has come out with one of the most futuristic looking, yet most comfortable beds of all. Called the Meade Novelty 2010 Floating Bed, this uniquely multifunctional bed also provides the features of a care scrub, a wrap and a massage table.

The all new Meade Novelty 2010 Floating Bed also comes with a water spray system, that automatically rinses and cleans the bed once the occupants have relinquished the space, The entire bed is more than suitable to be placed in a normal sized bedroom, as this extremely useful bed measures only 2.43meters in length, 1.16meters in width and 0.85meters in height and is more than capable of accommodating a good sized individual. As from the inside, the floating bed is 2.03meters long and 0.78meters wide. This floating bed operates on 240 volts of electricity and provides both cold and hot water.

User can even use the floating bed for Chromatherapy by installing an anti-glare projection on the ceiling, that can also be controlled by the users for their choice of colors and the speed at which the colors change. The Meade Novelty 2010 Floating Bed can be accessorized with a music player, that would churn out some of the most soul soothing tunes to give you’re the ultimate relaxation.

Via Not Cot

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