Lego Chess Games: A Luxurious Recreation

If you are in the mood for some chess, do check out the Lego chess set by Derek Sciple which is made of bricks and plates of Lego. This is designed in such a way that it resembles classic Lego design. To describe briefly, he has followed the advanced snot technique to give a sophisticated look.

To prevent the squares from shaking, the blocks are fixed firmly to the board. Measurement of the board and square will be 22.75 square inches with a thickness of one inch and the squares will be of 2.25 square inches respectively. The complete set consists of 4000 pieces and the height of the king is 4.5inches. After receiving the orders from the customers in advance, along with payment he takes up assembly work .The finished product will be shipped to the customer.

This process takes about three weeks.  It can be also used as a gift article. In addition to regular black and white, different coloured pieces are also available according to the buyer’s preference. This unique chess board is priced $1,295. The shipping charge would be an extra $50.

Via: Wired

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