Lady Gaga presents her artwork, a urinal, at an Inside/Out exhibition

Lady Gaga knows how to hog the limelight. She did the same last month by making a surprise appearance at the Shop. And she did not come here empty handed. She brought along her own piece of art. I am sure you would also agree that it would definitely not be a classical specimen of art, rather something that would shock you. So here it goes; the piece of noveau art that she brought along was a urinal.

The occasion for this rather unexpected delivery was the Inside/Out exhibition that was going on at the store that time. The pop diva placed the 21st Century artwork besides Terence Koh’s bronze casting of a head. An interesting line was engraved at the back of this piece: “I’m not f**king Duchamp but I love pissing with you.” This piece of art has been aptly christened Armitage Shanks and is not for sale.

The offering is supposed to be a playful acknowledgement and reminder of Duchamp’s enduring influence. The Inside/Out exhibition seeks to break away from the conventional representation of beauty, and uses body parts and internal organs as part of its visual imagery. Seems like a place where Gaga would go.

Via: vogue

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