La Soiree des Grands Crus – The Splendid French Wine Party

Come December 27, and you can sample some of the best wines from France in New York. A team of Chateaux owners from Bordeaux are all set to display their prized collections from their personal vineyards. The event is scheduled to be held at New York’s 82 Mercer and is hugely being pitted to be one of the most sought after events of the year.

The soiree will not only give the guests a chance to sample some of the best wines in the world, it will also double up as a common stage for the finest wine producers and their clients to meet directly. So you can talk to the original creators of your favorite wine and learn some very interesting things about them too. What’s even better is that the soiree will have some interesting events like wine tasting, etc. The guests will have to identify the famous wines, blindfolded. The winners will walk away with attractive prizes.

If you too are a wine lover, this event should surely be a must-attend for you. Grab your passes today as there are only a limited number of invites available. It would surely be a wonderful way to celebrate this festive season!

VIA – La Soiree des Grands Crus

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