La Maison du Chocolat Opens New Store in New York

Chcolate lovers can rejoice now, thanks to La Maison du Chocolat, who is celebrating their twentieth anniversary. The event would be held at New York and is aptly named “La Nuit du Gâteau”. When translated, it means, “The Night of Cakes” and that makes anybody’s mouth water! 3rd of November is when the Night of the Cakes come to life, and right from  7pm to midnight the chocolatier’s  1018 Madison Avenue location would be the place, where you could taste the best of cakes, pastries and chocolates.  This might be the dream of many people as visitors would be given pastries and desserts without being charged, and that too when you could enjoy live jazz music .

Tarts, cakes, pistachio ice creams are some of the delicacies that would take the centre-stage. La Maison du Chocolat éclairs have also been launched in New York, and you could savour the taste of them as well.   You could also expect Gilles Marchal, La Maison du Chocolat’s Master Pastry Chef to attend the event. Who knows, you could ask him for some tips about baking cakes as well!   Thwey also have two other stores in New York, which are located in the Rockfeller Center and also on the Wall Street.

La Maison du Chocolat has a team of cocoa experts, who hunt the plantations in South America and Africa to get the best beans for chocolates.  The experts can also sense the difference between vintages and textures of cocoa. Tokyo, Cannes, Hong Kong, and London are some of the other cities that have La Maison du Chocolat stores. Paris has 7 stores and in New York has 3! You could go ahead and get the chocolates at Neiman Marcus and also from La Maison du Chocolat’s online boutique.

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