Kingdom Tower in Jeddah will Surpass Dubai’s Burj Khalifa

The construction of new building on Jeddah outskirts in Saudi Arabia will be the world’s tallest building and also smash the old records. The futuristic giant skyscraper will surpass the Burj Khalifa. Measuring 3,281 feet in height, Kingdom Tower will be built in the uber cosmopolitan city. It is designed by Chicago based team of architects of Adrian Smith and Gordon Grill. It is symbolic representation of cultural leader and global business.

It consists of one hundred and sixty floors including boutique Armani hotel. Kingdom Tower consists of fifty nine elevators which travel twenty two miles per hour. The building will accommodate office space, luxurious condos and Four Seasons hotel. You could get world’s fresh air in penthouse having sky terrace at 157th level.  The penthouse would make observatory deck. It is fusion of high technology and creative vision. This iconic tower will be of historic importance.

An investment firm, namely Kingdom Holding Co, which is headed by Prince Alwaleed bin Talal says it is already signed a deal of $1 billion with a construction company, Bin laden Group. The Kingdom Tower will be completed in duration of sixty three months. The sky’s limit is a kilometer from the ground.

AS+GG experts design this cost efficient , elegant and innovative with unmatched technological theme and design to lessen heat of the desert sun with pockets of shadows having notches which serve as shield from the sun. The three-pedal footprint with their taper shape withstands the wind stress caused to the building. The kingdom tower serves both cultural and economic purpose would cost approximately twenty billion.



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