JW Marriott to Spend $2 Billion to Set Up 10 New Hotels

JW Marriott is not a new name when it comes to luxury and most business travellers like to spend their stay in a JW Marriott hotel. In fact, a city’s success can be measured by the presence of hotels like the JW Marriott. Now, they plan to open many new hotels across the world and will spend more than $2 billion.

This year, JW Marriott would set up hotels in 10 new locations in 5 different countries, and they include Maldives, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, Puerto Rico and India. Most of these countries are not really developed but are emerging new economies. Thanks to the development, there are several business travellers visiting these nations.

However, countries like Maldives and Kazakhstan are also high on the list of luxury travellers and hence it shouldn’t really be a surprise to see that JW Marriott is investing so much of money in new properties. Some of the common features for all the hotels are night club, spa, swimming pool and a fitness centre. You could expect most of these hotels to have at least 200 to 300 rooms.


Via: Travel Biz Monitor

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