John Dillinger’s 1930 Ford Model A up for grabs: A real fast getaway!

Riding on the other side of the fence and living on the wrong side of law has its own appeal; a charm of being that rebel and an outlaw who constantly can manage to dupe the cops. Of course, that is only if you have both the skill and the means to make a fast getaway each time and in the early half of the century one John Dillinger was known for just that. The infamous American gangster known for his Tommy guns and Colt automatics had some of his more famous brushes with the law in his 1930 Ford Model A and that is exactly the set of wheels soon set to go under the hammer.

About to be featured in the 39th Annual Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction set to start today and continue for a week, the car was used in one of Dillinger’s most famous escape acts when on April 22, 1934 in Manitowish Waters, Wisconsin when he smashed the Ford’s rear window with his Thompson gun and sprayed his pursuers with bullets. Another successful exit for the man and another futile chase for the cops!

Restored in 2007 so that it could be a key part of the Hollywood flick Public Enemies starring Johnny Depp, the original bullet holes have been though well preserved and are still very much intact. So for all the bad boys who would love to get behind the legendary wheel… be prepared to loosen your purse strings!

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