Jimmy Choo Launches Sneakers

Sportswear was one front where Jimmy Choo had not left an impression with its spiky high heels, but now it has got generous and is going to let you enjoy the honor even when you are sweating off like a pig on the treadmill. The new sneakers designed by Jimmy Choo have taken the market by storm.

It is time you gave your feet a little rest and spare them from the hours and hours of relentless pain inflicted by the sky-high stilettos, as the flats are in vogue. Jimmy Choo happens to understand this very well so it came up with a design of sneakers which you can not only wear to the gym but also sport it while going for a casual Sunday date. This year, the trend of wearing flats has become global and how could Jimmy Choo not make the most of it! So, it unleashed eight designs of sneakers into the market.

These 8 sneaker designs are mostly suede or snakeskin textured, which makes them stand apart from the usual league of sneakers. They come in two varieties, the low-top and the high-top. The low-top is priced at £295 while the high-top is priced at £395.

via: elleuk

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