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Jacob & Co. Bets on Donnie Yen to Represent them as Their Brand Ambassador

Jacob & Co who have a reputation as a fine jewelry designer and watch maker are popular with the stars. They felt the need to convey their creative style and spirit more strongly to the consumers and have signed Donnie Yen as their brand ambassador for the purpose. Yen is a star with many martial arts films behind him. He has even directed several of those films.

Donnie Yen is very popular with the masses with the masses in his region. It makes him an ideal brand ambassador to represent the luxury brand in China. It is important for a brand ambassador to have some relationship to the product itself and the brands generally want someone who is famous. In these matters compromises are made all the time. Even Mr. Yen is not famous the world over but is yet appropriate for the purpose in China.

Jacob & Co. hosted a big event in Hong Kong on December 16 to unveil Donnie Yen as their brand ambassador. A limited edition Five Time Zone collection timepiece was specially designed and customized for Mr. Yen and presented to him on the occasion. The dial of the time piece was customized with the Chinese character Tan. Jacob & Co. is confident that Mr. Yen will prove to be a very effective brand ambassador for their brand.

Via: luxurydaily

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