Ithaca, Waterfalls’ Haven Is Better than Ulysses’ Paradise

There is nothing as fulfilling as watching a dense waterfall, the sound of pristine waters clashing on the hard rocks is almost therapeutic. If a get-away is full of natural waterfalls then it gets very difficult to control the urge of taking a dip in the crystal clear waters. Ithaca, a town in New York, is essentially known for the number of colleges it has in it, but there is one more attraction in this small town, its fresh and vibrant waterfalls!

This town is famous for harboring the famous Cornell University and has over hundred waterfalls, which can provide you with a visual feast. Recently the Ithaca Visitors Bureau has published a free field guide to the major hot-spots of the town, this guide will provide a map to all the gorges and waterfalls.

As the schools are off for the summer holidays, this is perfect time to visit this enchanting town. You should only visit this place only if you are an ardent admirer of waterfalls, because you will get to see so many of them that you might just get tired.

The 19 public access waterfalls given in the guide are more than enough to satiate your hunger for waterfalls, but if you are inquisitive, you can go ahead and explore some secret ones as well like the Potter’s Falls.

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