Italian Sports Car Ferrari to be Launched in India

Well, China is not the only country in the East which is luring best luxury brands to its growing market, India too seems to have arrived in this new market scenario. Italian luxury sports car brand Ferrari is all set to drive in behind Porche, Lamborghini and Bugatti in to Indian luxury car market in a big way. It is all set to launch within next 6 months and will be marketed directly instead of being sold by Fiat’s groups Indian partners Tata Motors.

India is another country which has shown unprecedented economic growth in last year and it is opening its market doors to best foreign brands. Apparently India has some 51 percent more millionaires this year and this explains why Ferrari is adding India to its market list. Ferrari will have to be imported directly and Indian import duties are as high as 110 percent but import duties hardly deter millionaires from adding best luxury cars to their fleet.

Indian growth story is definitely different because it hardly shows. Most Indian cities lack basic infrastructures like good freeways and traffic free multi-lane roads. Indian politicians must wake up to new realities and create proper infrastructures if they want to lure best luxury brands. Where will millionaires drive their Ferraris and Porches? Though Ferrari organized Magic India Discovery Tour, I can only imagine it crawling at snails speed due to traffic snarls and potholes.

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