Israeli Prime Minister Car Fleet to be replaced with Luxurious Bullet Proof Audi A8L W12 Sedans

Israeli government is buying 3 new cars for its Presidential fleet and for the first time in the country’s history Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu will be travelling around in a bullet proof Audi sedan. For all these years Israel has been choosing the cars of brands which have origin in the countries which had made efforts to save Jews during holocaust and are pro-Israel. So for obvious reasons German made luxurious Mercedes-Benz or Volkswagen cars were never added to government fleet of cars.

The news that Israeli government has decided to look beyond sentiments and past and indulge in latest bullet proof Audi A8L W12 Sedans is heartening indeed. One has to move ahead with time and especially when it’s a matter of luxury and security.  The government is shelling out $3 million dollars for three vehicles which come equipped with safety measures which will shield the occupants from bullets, bombs, grenades and rocket attack. It also has best interior luxuries like automatic leather seats, DVD screen, refrigerator, sunproof and humidor.

Being Prime Minister of Israel means always being a target of attack and it is ironical that Israel has trusted German brand Audi Sedan. Apparently Volkswagen and Mercedes-Benz cars are very popular among common people in Israel.  Maybe its taken government more time to realize that one must not compromise on safety and luxury.

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