Iseami House Is Ideal Home Design for Wild and Exotic Costa Rica

Wild and exotic Costa Rica has been dream destination for all adventurous souls who long to go back to Nature.  But can one really go back to Nature? Modern civilized man will find it very difficult to go back to Nature without basic amenities like electricity. Robles Arquitectos has created beautiful Iseami House which will be ideal home tucked away in wilderness with its own power supply tapped from water and sun.

Iseami House has been designed especially for those who want to live in isolation away from human civilization and all chaos.  Best part of the design is, Iseami House can be assembled together easily and it is as simply as putting Lego bricks together.  So nomadic souls can dismantle it easily and migrate. For electricity and power needs it uses two-impact hydroelectric turbines that generate 800kWh from natural forest water sources and there are solar panels on the roof which can be tilted to meet additional needs.

Iseami House is made of materials which are  highly compatible with Costa Rican weather and its overall design enables natural illumination and ventilation. Moreover it  is earthquake resistant and leaves a minimal carbon footprint.  One really hopes such awesome houses become more of a norm and there will be reverse migration from over congested cities.

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