Introducing the futuristic flying car ‘Yee’

What will our grandchildren or great-grandchildren use as a means of transport? Flying Cars? Not only does it sound fascinating but also the height of tech to us at this time. Pan Jiazhi, Zhu Wenxi and Lai Zexin from the Department of Industrial Design of Mecanical & Automotive Engineering in China, just conceptualized the flying car known as ‘Yee’.

They were awarded the Gold Award of the Best Creative Future as well as the Most Popular Award. The flying car has been designed to meet the requirements of the modern city dwellers that seek for fashion, excitement and eco-friendly cars.

The futuristic car can transform into a plane with ease when the operation is changed to flying mode. You just need to upturn the two front wheels sideways and turn the back two wheels outside. How simple is that!

Designed for the ‘quick’ group who will be members of humble abode, the integration of the propeller into the back wheels endures the vehicle with two distinct mobile modes. It can fly along a special air route while in sky and will be a super cool looking car when on the road. So you get two awesome modes in one deal.

Drive the car when you want and fly it when you want.  I have always longed to have wings and I might just be able to get wings and do what I have always dreamed to do: ‘fly’.

via icsid, en.scut

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