Integrated and Intelligent System For Entertainment and Surveillance

On demand and integrated systems are the key words for the new technology. In the field of entertainment, the development in technology and faster processing capabilities have brought forward many exciting possibilities. Videoworks, in collaboration with CRN and Intel has developed the new ‘my Olos’ integrated system of entertainment, information and domotics that helps the yacht owner to control instruments for entertainment and video surveillance using a single device.

The first privileged owners of this system will be two CRN43 series yachts- Eviva and Kate. The system is based on Intel Core i5 processor which delivers fast results even while multi tasking. The AV system is adaptable to any portable device and this enables the yacht owner to play any of his personal collection of music, photos or videos. It provides complete entertainment on demand.

Apart from the entertainment angle the system also allows for the display of navigation data. The myOlos integrated system brings the intelligent home management and automation technology aboard the yachts. The App Domotics Controller integrated on to the yachts makes it possible to control video and audio on demand, video surveillance and illumination. This integrated and intelligent system is bound to catch on with the other yacht manufacturers as the buyers will ask for better systems of entertainment and control.

Via: SuperYachtDesign , CN-Yacht

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