Inspired by Bentley Mulsanne: Tibaldi creates an instrument of precision and panache!

It sometimes seems a bit too bizarre when people claim that a certain piece of wrist-gear or even writing instrument have been inspired by a classic automobile design. If a paint job is all you want and some matching stripes can do the trick, then why bother to create a whole new line? But in the case of Tibaldi, who take the creation of writing instruments (generally and normally referred as ‘pens’) very, very seriously, it seems a bit deeper than the paint job… Or is it?

Florentine brand Tibaldi in collaboration with Bentley has created high-end fountain pens that apparently possess the entire technical and dynamic competence of the Bentley Mulsanne; a classic in every sense of the word. So, what exactly does technical and dynamic competence mean for a pen? Well, to be honest it just means that this is a very beautifully crafted pen with great styling, some gold and silver here and there and a smooth, smooth experience while writing.

That basically means that the Bentley engine and the interiors are not found on the pen… What a disappointment!! Making it a ‘limited edition’ product simple means a license to print money and if you are indeed indulgent about fine ‘writing instruments’ and a Bentley fan, then this a must have for sure.

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