Inside story: Miranda Kerr Spends $ 2,500 On Victoria’s Secret Products!

Okay, so who really needs a story after a pic like that? Well, despite that we move right past the ‘must watch’ section and into the big story about how Miranda Kerr is not getting any ‘employee discount’ from Victoria Secret. While she might not be a store employee or something of that sorts, the hot and sexy siren does indeed pose for the catalogue and despite all that hard work, she still has to buy Victoria’s Secret Products just like everyone else… Yup, not even a 5% discount.

That said when you are Miranda Kerr, you probably care very little about something as silly as cash and hence she just went out and bought$ 2,500 worth stuff from the store. Sources have it that she took seven $58 dollar bras and a ton of other items that go along. Apparently she was also shy at trying some of them on. (Now is it just me or is it getting hot in here!)

Now going buy all this news the happiest guy in the world would be Orlando Bloom; he would get a free preview and a full movie of what exactly she bought and how great they look. Yup, we are out of here…

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