Innovative Museum Tours: Where Food Meets History

A museum is all about a rendezvous with the past. The age old wars, warriors, kings, queens, arms, ammunitions, scriptures, utensils and even their clothes are what you get to see. Such that at the end of a journey down the much taken alley you feel a part of the era itself. You can almost imagine yourself being present there. The only thing you fail to experience is the food. The reasons are obvious, as the edible items perish. But what if you get to relish the same delicacies, know about food habits in time as old as Alexander’s. It is nothing but a true delight.

ArtBites, a group owned by Maite Gomez-Rejón, a trained chef and historian blends history, art and food to make a cocktail that can be savoured over ages.  She organizes museum trips with hands on cooking instructions, and the subjects range from  the Aztecs to Leonardo-Da-Vinci to Thomas Jefferson. Although she is based in Los Angeles and holds most of her classes at the Getty Centre and other museums in the area, Gomez-Rejon frequently jets to other cities for classes. She recently took one at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in Newyork.  It was a trip down the exploits of Alexander all across the globe. He was a great cultural cross pollinator and the interplay of cultures lives on today in art as well as cuisine.

We are lucky enough to have someone take us through many delicious voyages, which were rather unexplored till now.


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