India Gets its Very Own Showroom of Ferrari

Last Thursday witnessed the advent of Ferrari in Indian market, and thus taking media by storm. After the huge success of automobile giants like Lamborghini and Aston Martin, Ferrari just could not wait to exploit the obscenely rich Indians’ fetish for sleek cars. This uber chic sports car brand is game for giving its competitors a cut throat competition, at least in India, so it opened a state-of-art panopticon in the capital, New Delhi.

The CEO, Amedeo Felisa, insists that it is not their attempt at joining the rat race, as not so long ago Aston Martin made it to the headlines for opening a lavish showroom in India for its equally lavish coupes. He went ahead and said that Indians are more than just ready to lay their hands on this sports car brand and they have enough lolly to splurge on this one-of-a-kind. The head honchos must have a firm belief in consumerism otherwise I do not see why they would even plan to launch an expensive brand like Ferrari in India whose cheapest model, the California, is priced at $485,000. Apparently the affluent Indians are willing to pay tariffs of more than 100% to import these cars.

He also announced that Ferrari is all set to launch new models this year, and launching a new showroom will only do justice to the brand and its consumers. On that being said I wonder how the potholed roads of India would be able to do justice to these uber chic cars. Reports reveal that there are already about 50 Ferrari cars swooshing in the rough roads of India owned by the filthy rich to satiate their penchant for ostentation.

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