Illuminate your life with the high end Francesca Castagnacci’s shoes and hats

“Goodness gracious”, I sighed when I saw the picture of the new revolutionary shoes. Designed by Italian born Francesca Castagnacci, whose new niche is designing hats and shoes, have successfully integrated technology into fashion. Made from special optical fibers induced into fabrics it creates the effects with light and dimensions.

The creation surprise our eyes by the optical effect created with the light reflected from the fibers and LED’s integrated in the fabric of the items. This concept known as ‘Luminex’ is undoubtedly the new focus of the electronic firms, companies and fashion houses.

The optical fibers and LED’s are weaved and integrated into the fabrics taking their shape and channel light into them at the same time. These products assuredly enough have a plus optical effect compared to the rest making them more impressive.

Castagnacci’s hats are also very modern and are avant-garde designs that have become more impressive as a result of the light effects caused by the use of the fibers. Illuminated textiles impart multiple dimensional effect and strange shapes to the oval shaped hats. Such is the trick with the eyes.

The shoes and hats look very promising. So here’s for you to make the ultimate fashion statement.

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