Humanair Brings You the Most Important Luxury of Life: Clean Air!

In the winter season you must strengthen your defence mechanism against cough and colds and other physiological ill-functioning. It is your top priority to recognise the indoor air quality which has a direct link with breathing problems like asthma and allergies. The issue of health hazards of people is due to air pollution.

The air crisis can be successfully tackled with the latest innovative, and strikingly effective air purifying device called Humanair developed in Sweden with  “Clean Air Zone Technology”. The eco-friendly gadget clears 99% of pollutants, biological contaminants, dust particles, air-borne toxins, and pollens from the air of your immediate surroundings.

Humanair the air purifier uses recyclable and reusable filter paper and a warning is given with the help of an LED light to change the saturated filter paper. The Humanair helps you to breathe freely and help you to feel refreshed and stay efficient and effective throughout the day.

The consumption of power is just 22 watts, and it produces no waste or ozone. As it operates without making any noise, it can be placed near the bedside, or on desks. It is suitable in places such as hospitality, healthcare as well as in small work places and home environments. Air Purifier is priced at $300.

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