offers you a fantastic “Virtual Vacation”

“Virtual Vacation” doesn’t sound so good but the new supported reality “Virtual Vacation” site is quite awesome. It is slick and cool with a series of virtual tours that are designed bring people out of their homes and into a hotel provided by of course. The concept is that there are maps and information on 10 major cities. The tours are in-depth, and users can purchase hotels from the main site at any point, though are just virtual tours.

Their other reality travel applications , both for the Android and the iPhone  mixes the old reality with a digital layer that gives us an opportunity to enjoy interesting information and interaction. What’s unique about the method is that instead of pointing the camera “outward” and viewing the digital info “out there,” one can point a webcam at oneself and then see the digital layer at ones hand!

Just get a print out from this website or hold up the big H image on your cell, and place it near your computer’s camera and enjoy the augmented reality results. Do head over to this Virtual Vacation site to have loads of fun. There will be an intro video in case you need any help.

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