Hopquila: The new drink in town

Do you prefer beer or whiskey? Well you do not have to make an either or decision anymore because Hopquila is here. It is basically an un-aged whiskey which tastes sort of like tequila. New Holland Brewing of Holland Michigan who have been making craft whiskey, rum, gin and vodka have introduced Hatter Royale Hopquila.

Hopquila is a cross between a beer and a spirit. The manufacturers claim that is a fermented wash of 100% barley which is distilled twice and then steeped with Centennial hops. Though it has been introduced recently in the market it has become very popular with the consumers. It is already among the company’s top sellers.

Hopquila is the result of an experiment. A distilled India pale ale was dry-hopped for five days and the result was something  with whiskey’s pungency and tequila’s flora. It can work as a whiskey substitute, a tequila substitute or a liqueur in a cocktail. This result of a happy accident  is already selling from liquor stores in Michigan, Illinois and Kentucky. It can also be bought online at binny’s.com for about $35. The discussion has seriously started whether the drink is more like a whiskey or a tequila. But the fact remains it makes a smooth shot or sipper with an ice cube.

Via: chicagotribune

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