Artist Builds Home Made from $ 1.82 Billion Defunct Currency Notes

An Irish artist and an unemployed youth, Frank Buckley has constructed a home worth billions using shredded decommissioned, banknotes. He has used $ 1.82 billion (1.4 billion Euros) useless notes in other words just paper. The home comprises of three units-bathroom, bedroom and living room. Buckley is adding to the existing structure a hall and kitchen.

Each brick is made of from former currency in compressed form, in artist’s version they are just paper, Buckley wishes that his project might spark a debate of single currency’s high hopes and ambition which currently resulted in crippled economy and repercussions facing by many in the country. He wants even school kids should be made known the meaning of currency.

The introduction of single currency in early 2000s encouraged the extensive property boom. The sudden flash resulted in crash with Ireland which accumulated abandoned empty building, facing deep recession, which compelled the country last year to accept pride hurting EU bailout.

Frank Buckley has built the apartment in an entrance of a forsaken office building in Dublin. It is vacant since Irish construction boom, now reminding sad euro crisis. People are under the grip of this collapse. Then billion flowed into the buildings for nothing. Now Buckley wants create something out of nothing.                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Despite Buckley had not steady income he was given 100 percent mortgage to buy a home. Now the house has decorated wall with coins and notes. He does not go cold as euro is great insulator. If there is any currency failure, he would use the inoperative notes for future projects as fodder.

Via: Inhabitat


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