Historical auction of ‘Wall Street Sign’ at Christie’s

June 22nd was a remarkable day in history of finance world when the Wall Street sign was auctioned at Christie’s in New York. Sold at a whopping $116,500, much more than the estimated price of $60,000-$80,000, the sign dates back to 1890-1920. The bid was finalized on telephone by an anonymous Asian collector who said that he is hopeful the sign will ultimately end up back at the Museum of American Finance.

Wall Street is still the center of wealth and ambition in U.S although recent times have seen their reputation dimming. The cobalt-blue street sign used to stand on the corner of Wall and Broad streets. The antique was on loan to the Museum of American Finance before being consigned to the Christie’s.

Getting its same from the first walls along the street that the Dutch erected to form the northern boundary of their new colony, Wall Street still remains the most well known street as of today. Around the 18th century, the British had removed the walls around the turn and by 19th century most of country’s financial institutions headquartered there.

The new owner is very pleased with the sale as the sign is a piece of Wall Street history. Wall Street still remains the epicenter of the world finance.

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