Historic at Brooklands sells the historic Bentley for $1 million

Vintage Bentley has been sold for an impressive $1 million. This 41/2 liter car was an evolution of the 3 liter. It shares the car’s basic chassis that includes the semi-elliptical suspension at all the four wheels and four wheel brakes.

It was the 16th from last to be built in 1930. From the coach builders Harrison’s it was sold to its first owner which was Miss Wearing on January 1st, 1931. As it was the later model it included all improvements made during the production featuring supercharged 4 ½ liters.

GK 8063 had lost sight for some years but reappeared in London in 1940/1941 and is rumored to be used as a utility vehicle delivering food during war. Sir Malin Sorsbie was its next owner who brought the car in 1961. Being the chief game warden in Kenya, Sir Sorsbie took the car to Kenya and was then sent back to London and was restored and restyled by Jack Berkeley.  It again passed on to some more owners until finally being possessed by a UK resident who happened to be a long time Bentley enthusiast.

This historic car after having traveled all over the world from Kenya to Japan was offered for sale and was sold at inaugural auction for $1 million by Historic at Brooklands

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