Hi-definition Luxury Multimedia Rooms by HKMT Acoustic Designs Are Fantastic

There have been several home theatre systems recently and one of the companies that have recently launched audio and video solutions are HKMT Acoustic Designs. Their acoustically customized Hi-definition Luxury Multimedia Rooms for homes come with interesting features and they are more than just a TV with a DVD player.

The DVD and Blue-ray Disc Player is replaced by High-Definition Multimedia Juke Box and you could also take a second look at the specifications since it allows you to store 500GB to 30TB of data. The system would be set in a room of sorts and you could use it to connect to Internet and even convert the AV room into a virtual boardroom.

There isn’t anything particularly new about their products but it still is an interesting way to hone up your house’s audio and video capabilities. It would be an interesting way to spend the afternoon with a glass of whiskey and listening to music in this cool AV room. These customized Hi-definition Luxury Multimedia Rooms for homes by HKMT Acoustic Designs could cost a bit on the higher side, but they are worth the cost.

Via: PR Wire

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