Heart of the Home Concept Kitchen: Intuitive and futuristic kitchen station knows it all!

It seems that technology in the kitchen is advancing at a far rapid pace than any other aspect of design and decoration at home. Probably that is because of the fact that women tend to constantly crave for more than what they have and are consistently looking for something better. That said, it maybe also due to the fact that kitchen is the place that could use technology’s latest gifts to the fullest to make life of many working in it a lot easier. Electrolux has just taken the whole idea of ‘Concept Kitchens’ and has elevated it to a astonishing new level with the Heart of the Home.

Designed to be an all-in-one solution for the home in the sleekest and most ergonomic way possible, Heart of the Home allows you o do away with all the pots, pans and vessel collection that you already own and display so proudly. This flat surface is a kitchen station that would instantly know what recipes could be made from the ingredients you place on its surface. Then you can mark a cooking area on the table with its hand, make depressions that act as vessels according to your requirement and get to cooking right away.

From being a cooking station to serving space to an instant bar, this is well and truly the heart of your kitchen and your home. With its ‘Star-Trek’ looks and space age style, if and when Electrolux ever releases this heartthrob, it surely will sell out instantly.

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