Haute-Cuisine: Steaks Grilled in Molten Icelandic Lava!

Chef Fridgeir Eiriksson has turned Iceland into a sort of a culinary destination after cooking haute-cuisine in the lava of the volcanoes. At £650, 2 customers could enjoy the freshly cooked soup and flaming lobster, monkfish and shallots using the 200C lava as an oven.

Of course it is not all about the food, and it is all about the locations. Where on earth can you enjoy steaming meat and witness the beauty of frozen landscapes and molten lava flowing from active volcanoes? It just could be yet another reason to go ahead and visit Iceland when you still can, for you never know the chefs may decide not to cook in the lava, if it gets a little too well, hot.

The lucky couple who got to eat the food were Sverrir Thor Hakonarson and Gudrun Thorgeirsdottir and they arrived in a helicopter to the volcano and enjoyed breathtaking views. The chefs had no idea if the feat could even be possible before attempting, and they used welder masks and gloves to protect themselves. What could be better than watching a volcano erupt and eating the best steaks ever?

Via: Daily Mail

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