GRP Laminates Unveils MSV Explorer Fitted With SP02 Catamaran

Underwater sea exploration and adventure is all set to become easy thanks to the latest MSV explorers designed by British Inventor Chris Garner for GRP Laminates. MSV Explorer is essentially a sub-surface viewing craft, which is a self-propelled pod, supported by a catamaran. The 13-metre long catamaran ensures MSV Explorer docks 1.2m underwater for uninterrupted viewing of marine life.

MSV Explorer is an ideal craft for all kinds of sea exploration for leisure, pleasure, film production etc. No need to scuba dive under water. This craft can accommodate nearly 12 passengers and crew along with their equipment. MSV Explorer is a silent under water vessel and it can be easily controlled by a joy-stick. It can operate 7.5 hours at full speed which is good enough for non-stop sea exploration during day and night. It is very safe vessel fitted with jet propulsion packages.

MSV Explorers come in two versions Mk I and Mk II and both promise dry unlimited under water marine observation. What is unique is they offer panoramic 360 degree unobstructed view of the marvels under the sea. It will be loved by tourists who want to watch corals and marine environment. Superyachts charters can add them as added attraction for their sea faring tourists.

MSV Explorer’s utility does extend beyond pleasure and leisure trips. It will be ideal for marine patrols and marine rescuers. The dry cock-pit and panoramic view of the underwater is a luxury for current marine researchers and rescuers. Moreover it opens up possibilities of under water cruising too. Kudos to the design and the concept!

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