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Great Island Estate: Mediterranean-styled delight up for grabs at $25 million

A beautiful and ultra-modern home that nestles on a gorgeous island offering an access to the dock and a gorgeous view of the lake- now that is a prime property that few would actually turn down. The Great Island Estate located on the Mercer Island, Washington is one such alluring property up for grabs and the price of this ravishing single-family estate starts at a cool $ 25 million. Normally we would say that the cost is a bit higher than it should be, but when the estate in question is located on Washington’s most sought after island, then nothing is too step a price.

Set handsomely on two acres of land with 175 feet of private lakefront, the Estate sports a boat dock, bay view and swimming pool as well. Complete with five bedrooms and nine full baths, the main family area has a very customizable floor plan. This way you can design your interiors according to your taste.

While Mercer Island is the most populated island in a lake in all of the US, the Estate offers plenty of privacy along with sleek and minimalist interiors. So, in case you wish to own this stunning asset, then you better hurry up… and fast!

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