Got Millions Lying Around? Get Yourself A $2.19 Million Sheep As A Pet Straight From China!

Agreed, there are a lot of those in this world that have been blessed with more money than they know what to do with. If your one of those fortunate ones and are planning to spend some that astounding amount money on sheer fun, then we have something special for you. Forget private islands, luxury mansions and even exotic supercars. One of the most booming economies in the world, China, is now the place where you can get yourself perhaps the world’s most expensive pet in the form of a Dolan sheep that will set you back a cool $2.19 million. These exotic sheep are bred and raised ancient Silk Road city of Kashgar and have recently become some of the most prized pets for rich Chinese with different tastes. According to the breeders of this one of a kind specie, as of now, only 1,000 Dolan sheep exist in the world are many of them have been purchased by Uighur Muslims who wish to keep the sheep as a pet.

Considered to be the best breed among sheep, Dolan sheep feature two tails and also possess a very distinct curved nose along with long ears. The prices of these sheep vary according to their skin color, nose and ears, where in all three attributes to should be dark, curved and long respectively to make the animal a costly pet for sale. Currently, the most expensive Dolan sheep to have been evaluated is in the Kashgar region, where its owner, Majid Abdul Reyim, states the price to be a whopping $2.19 million, but the sheep hasn’t been put up for sale yet.

Via The Telegraph

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