Gorenje Unveils Computer Controlled iChef+ at the Living Kitchen 2011

It was bound to happen sooner or later. Computer is getting into cooking in a big way. People felt that the taste of the dishes grandma cooked could not be replicated even if the recipe was right because the touch of her hand would be missing. But now with a mere touch of hand you can achieve exceptional cooking results from iChef+ oven from Gorenje.

The unique iChef+ was exhibited at the Living Kitchen 2011 by Gorenje. They claim to have incorporated in the iChef+ the most powerful computer control system ever used in an oven. The advanced control systems allow the user to program the oven up to three cooking stages with fully customized settings. The process has been designed to make it user friendly. The large color display is backed by touch screen technology and the options to select the right program appear in the form of photographs of dishes.

The broad categories of cooking programs available are SIMPLEbake, AUTObake, MYbake, EXTRA and PRObake to STEPbake. Each program offers several categories of most commonly prepared dishes and each category has numerous preset recipes approved by chefs. The oven delivers excellent results to all who enjoy contemporary cooking methods. Gorenje has patented the entire system developed for the oven. The computer engineers have taken over the kitchen.

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