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Golden Dreams Unveils Three Editions of Luxurious iPhone Cases

Precious metals and gemstones are normally associated with jewelry but designers have found use for them in beautifying practically everything. Gadgets of daily use are a favorite with designers, particularly phones and iPhone has received the most attention. There are many luxurious version of the iPhone that are fabricated out of precious metal and almost entirely covered with gemstones and diamonds. The latest such collection associated with the iPhone is the creation of the Swiss company Golden Dreams. They have unveiled a series of iPhone cases and they claim that they are the most luxurious cases in the world. There are so many other examples around that it would be difficult to say for certain but they are definitely one of the most luxurious cases. Precious stones like diamonds and rubies have been used liberally to decorate and the basic materials for crafting the cases are either some precious metal or alligator leather. The craftsmanship is of the highest order and the levels of perfection and aesthetics are simply delightful. The iPhone users will definitely welcome this mew addition that provides another luxurious option for them.

Golden Dreams has developed three editions of the iPhone cases and it is really difficult to decide which one is better than the rest. There is the Desert edition, Gold edition, and the Full diamond editions and each one of them is perfect in terms of fabrication and craftsmanship. The desert edition is crafted out of alligator leather and is designed to fit perfectly within your palm. The company is offering options of getting the cases in customized shades like orange and black. The finishing options on offer are as black chrome and yellow gold. The cases come with their distinctive pattern. The next edition is more appropriate for the lovers of gold. People with a fetish for the yellow metal will simply love the gold series cases. There are two options available in this series and they are not ornamental but simple and perfect. One of them has 24ct gold plating with mirror like finishing at the back. The gold plating covers the entire case except the borders. The other case in the series has similar looks and has been made from 120gms of 18ct gold.

The premium edition in the collection is the diamond series. The Full Diamond case features 4,057 individually crafted diamonds that have been hand set along the casing of the phone. The minimalist design in the set is made with rhodium and gold. The case is metallic and diamonds have been individually set to embellish them. There is another case that offers an emerald and black diamond option. The precious stones are used to create a chequered pattern on the rear end of the phone. The other option in the series has a similar pattern which has been created with white and black diamonds. The rubies and sapphire edition series is similar to the diamond edition but different stones and colors create a different effect. There is a gold case with rubies and diamonds and the other one has a rhodium case embellished with sapphire and white diamond. There are relatively simpler options available. There is a black chrome edition that has white diamonds all over.

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