Gold Woolmark Merino Products Get Boost Thanks to Chinese Documentary

A Chinese media team has taken extraordinary interest to promote and campaign Australian merino wool. They have produced 9 hours of TV episodes concerning the special wool and would be televised on a luxury channel in China. The episodes promote luxury fabric and apparel under the Gold Woolmark brand. The documentary by the Chinese media not only enhances the business and publicity of Gold Woolmark but also creates awareness of quality products in buyers.

The media team expects the buyer to give importance to the process which involves sophisticated skill, expertise, genius craftsmanship, rather than insisting only on the brand name. The main theme of the tele-episode is to attract Chinese buyers, and to make them understand the high-end luxury products of woollen fabric and the manner in which they are manufactured.

The media team, focuses on production procedure of Australian Merino wool, and finished products of woollen manufacture in UK companies. This episode convinces Chinese buyers to purchase these high quality merino woollen fabrics. So go ahead, and get some Merino for yourself too! It does not have to be just the Chinese who can enjoy great woolen products!


Via: Fibre 2 Fashion

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